Expat Counseling

Expat Counseling in Switzerland

My time abroad showed me firsthand the difficulties that come with adapting to life in a new culture. Carrying out day-to-day life in an unfamiliar language and culture. But, it’s also made me grow. It helped me to discover the strength I have to look at my self differently and grow from there. Session with me will empower you and support your inner journey. It will help you to switch your inner dialogue from a critical one to a more self-compassionate one.

Session with me can help you to create a sense of home inside of you. This means that you can continue to practice self-care and live a meaningful life, no matter where you’re currently calling home.

Walk & Talk in nature

I offer walk-and-talk, which are individual sessions where the counseling takes place in the free nature and we talk as we go. In the walk-and-talk sessions, you walk side by side, providing tranquility for thoughts. It provides a less formal and more relaxed form of counseling. Meet your counselor Tine.


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