From grief to hope

Support and Counseling in times of loss and bereavement

How to live through grief and loss

Even though grief or bereavement are a natural part of life, our pain can be overwhelming. Confusion and feelings of deep loneliness are normal in a time with grief, crisis, and loss. During such difficult periods of life counseling will help you process your grief and understand your own feelings. Through our one-to-one conversations, you will get support and be given tools to cope with strong emotions. You will find out, not just how you can live with grief and loss, but how you can live well again.

Finding hope and a new life 

When we speak of grief, it is highly likely that our first thought is on the loss of a loved one. But, the core of grief is about loss, and loss comes in many forms and has many faces. For example, loss of a marriage, stability, loss of a career, a special friendship, loss of health or involuntary infertility. Regardless of the type of loss you are experiencing, your grief is real. And seeking help is both legitimate and relevant. Grief counseling will help you find an emotional balance and a new life after your loss.

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Tranquility, presence, and awareness in difficult times


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