Grief Counseling

Grief is the expression of having loved another human being, and still does. Love does not disappear even if the absence (togetherness) of the person you love has disappeared.

When we lose someone, it can feel as if our reality has cracked. Grief Counselling can assist you to find grounding in the new reality. The grief counseling provides you with a safe space to discuss your feelings and emotions, helping you to discover ways to ease the grieving process.

In a grief consultations you will experience:
– Development of coping skills
– Improved self-awareness and self-compassion
– Knowledge about grieving process

Coping with grief and the loss of a loved one

Grief is one of the most difficult things we can face in life. In a sense our love becomes homeless and this creates not just a void but also a pain that seems unbearable. Grief can be overwhelming and in counseling you will find a safe place to express and share the different and difficult feelings that come with your loss. You will learn how to handle your emotions. And in time you will find your way back to hope and light again.  

Helpful and supportive conversations

Mourning is natural, but grief can also stagnate. When you put grief into words, it creates a room for your loss and feelings to be processed and released. A process that can be difficult when you are on your own. Sometimes the immediate family is in mourning too. Your expression of grief may differ, and the whole situation is too difficult for you to support one another. In those situations, grief counseling will give you what you need. My role as a counselor is to listen, ask questions, convey knowledge of grief, and give you tools to cope with your mourning. A process that will help and orient you towards the life to be lived. We will talk about the person you have lost, the life you had together and the memories you carry. For even when a loved one dies, your story together does not disappear.

Recovering from grief is a process

Maybe your loss is new? Maybe it has been a while? The circumstances surrounding a loss is often significant in relation to the time we need to heal and recover. Therefor your counseling can be a shorter or longer process. But the goal is always for you to gain a better insight and understanding of your feelings and reactions. And supply you with tools to use in everyday life when you feel overwhelmed. The goal is also to help you discover a new life after loosing a loved on. It is possible for you too, and grief counseling will help you well on your way.

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“…. I just wanted you to have you a short greeting to say thank you so much for your great help. Mentally feeling your kindness and competence …”. – Jasmin

“… .I just want to send a thank you, for 2 good, very pleasant conversations with you. I came to you with an inner emptiness and was sometimes scared. Shortly after our conversations, I broke some “walls” by doing things we normally were two at and I have intensified my activities with and without acquaintances. I think things are going better, so thanks for the help…. ” – Preben

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